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Hip To Stitch - By Melinda Barta

Hip to Stitch:
20 Contemporary Projects Embellished with Thread

Ideas for embellishing beautiful garments and home decor to add personal touches are presented with easy, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations.

Sidebar technique sections abound, including tips on bead embroidery and fabric stamping. Generally recommended for public libraries.

Featuring 38 stitch techniques and 20 hand-embroidered projects, you'll learn motifs to dress up a skirt, a guitar pick case, a picnic baby bib, a butterfly picture frame, hand-embroidered pillows, stitched note cards, and heirloom scrapbooks.

Among the 20 projects featured are several inspired by the scrapbooking craze, such as the Day Tripper Bag and the Family Tree Textile Scrapbook.

Throughout the book you'll find helpful tips and hints such as hiding knots and thread tails, sewing a pocket, making durable stitches, and working with silk and wire.

"The only how-to embroidery book you will ever need..."

"This is the book I have been looking for but didn't know it. The book is organized extremely well with tons of photos and how-to shots. She explains over 30 stitches and then has bunches of projects to go with under the headings of for keeps, for gifting, and for the home. There is also another table of contents opposite the main page listing tips and techniques to make your work awesome like how to back, how to make your own tea towels, how to bind a book, tips for iron transfers, etc.... This book is a keeper!" - From