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Mixed Metals: Creating Contemporary Jewelry with
Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass & More
- By Melinda Barta & Danielle Fox

Mixed Metals: Creating Contemporary Jewelry with Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass and More

Utilizing stringing and wireworking techniques accessible to beginners, this mixed metal jewelry guide also offers boutique-style designs that will captivate the more experienced beader.

Mixed Metals begins with projects based on each type of metal - Gold, Silver, Base Metals, Faux/other metals and Mixing Metals. Each chapter has background information on that type of metal, from  history, facts, common properties to  care, and cleaning.  Each project has step by step instructions and detailed photography.

With no metalworking required, detailed instructions are provided for 30 unique projects incorporating various metals such as silver, gold, copper, brass, PMC, and more.

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Techniques for distressing metal—such as using liver of sulfur, other patinas, and hammering—are included, as well as ideas for mixing metals and using faux metals. Background information is given on each type of metal, from common properties to shopping tips, care, and cleaning.

what other people are saying...

"I love the authors of this box, Danielle Fox and Melinda Barta. I own two other books by the both of them. The projects in the book are stunning, and completely inspiring."

"The projects themselves are so lovely, you will be running to your local bead or craft store to find some of the unique items shown in this book. I have a HUGE shopping list already compiled."

"I recommend this text to anyone who enjoys jewelry designs that have a mix of timeless and vintage style to them."

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