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"I have both your Peyote and Herringbone DVDs and I love them and watch them over and over. Will you be doing anymore dvds? They are so clear and understandable.--D. Green"

"Melinda, you're a great source of inspiration for me! Your Edelweiss Necklace, is what motivated me to expand my skill set. I swore I'd never play with "those pesky little beads" Now they are my "precious seed beads" Thank you for your continuous ingenuity and oh so clever designs.--N. Jones."

"I personally thank you every time I start a peyote project for great instructions in the DVD from Interweave! I no longer dread the beginning of the peyote and no longer have any problems with it. And I owe that to you. Thank you!!! --S. Anderson"

"Love your work. I have followed your development as a beader, thru issues of Beadwork. Your art is sweet, organic and naturally elegant.--Sharon M."